New Continent of LegendMU.
Posted 15 / 04 / 2021

NEWS: Admin might change to a better version,full of events,new maps,new monsters,new spots,new RUUD,new Sockets,Much more complex and beautifull. Bear with us ,and please,help us by voting every 12 hours!!


NEWS: Vote Reward is WORKING!! every vote gives you 4 CREDITS,so vote for us every 12 hours in order to get credits for items!!


We thank you all for beeing with US since 2 weeks when this server has been opened!We are delighted to announce you,we REMOVED all type of jewels like SOUL ,BLESS, LIFE, CREATION,HARMONY  and etc. We tought its much fair for each player to have a quite nice and hard experience finding the jewels and desirable items .

NOTE: Please reset your browser history back with 1 day,in order to see the new interface and for vote reward function to work.

On the bottom of the PAGE you will find Support section where you can report any problems.

We Strongly recommend you to VOTE FOR US on each LINK in order GET CREDITS and help us to get more people to join us.

-We have changed the experience : now is 250X .

-VOTEREWARD give you points to buy accesories or what you need.

-Server is running UP 24/24.

-Now you can use some commands like /reset etc.

-No Jewels or Kundums.

-New Spots in arena .


Much more things will come ,just be here with US.

We thank you for your patience.

Your journey on Legend - War MuOnline continent can start Again !!!
Posted 24 / 03 / 2021

Registration  has open on 27th Of February 2021

LegendWar Community has opened the registration and allow people to join the community before the server configuration is complete.

Legend - War Of Muonline | growing community | 100% FREE | JOIN US NOW !

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